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Hotline2u is a notification service for individuals who are required to call in for Random Drug & Alcohol Testing

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What's Hotline2u?

The easiest way to ensure compliance with your mandated drug testing requirements


More about the Service

If you are on probation or pre-trial for a DUI offense or other offense that requires you to check your status for Random Drug & Alcohol Testing, then Hotline2U will help! The service automatically checks your testing status each day that you are required to check. Hotline2U then sends your testing status to you by text message and email.


**Important note, starting February 2021

Starting February 2021, Hotline2U works only with the ‘Sentry’ Drug Testing Notification System. Hotline2U has discontinued support for color code systems and all other systems other than Sentry. If you are unsure whether you call a Sentry system, ask your probation officer or listen to this sample recording to hear whether the prompts match the system that you are required to call. The Sentry system has three prompts 1) language selection 2) ID number 3) confirmation of the first three letters of your last name.


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$8 / month

$12/month starting 8/1/24

Start free trial. No credit card required.


Peace of Mind & Stress Relief

Hotline2U ensures you don't forget to call the Random Testing System, one less thing to worry about!



You won’t have to explain to your Probation Officer that you missed a required UA because you forgot to call the Random Testing System.


Backup Plan

You can receive notifications by text message and email, so you’ll have more than one way to check your testing status. You can also have a text message sent to a trusted person who is looking out for you.



Hotline2U saves all of your previous testing status, you can check your history anytime.